48. Marco Carrer

Marco Carrer Add Your Heading Text Here This week’s Sunday Showcase is Marco Carrer. Read through his poem as it explores the heart-wrenching complexities of love and heartbreak. Marco Carrer was born in Treviso, Italy, in 2000. He started dedicating himself to poetic production while studying in Moscow. Carrer is the recipient of several writing […]

47. Laura Fridman

Laura Fridman Add Your Heading Text Here For this week’s Sunday Showcase, the female form comes to life in Laura Fridman’s stunning paintings!  Laura Fridman is a French artist and dancer based in Tel Aviv. Her painterly practice is centered around the female figure and dismantling culturally constructed notions of beauty. Curved lines, elongated necks […]

46. Evgenia Kirshtein

Evgenia Kirshtein Add Your Heading Text Here Meet Evgenia Kirshtein, our Sunday Showcase! Evgenia is a multi-talented artist who blends sculpting, painting, and concept design to create stunning ceramic vases. Her creativity also extends to the world of illustration, where she shares her talents in Mamaceramics and 1280˚C magazine. With a BFA in Ceramics and […]

45. Noa Gana

Noa Gana Add Your Heading Text Here Noa Gana is our Sunday Showcase! She is a digital artist whose work and use of color often create captivating utopian environments. Scroll through and check out her work!  Noa Gana is a digital artist based in Tel Aviv. Her distinctive aesthetic and use of color creates immersive, […]

44. Ilan Dotan

Ilan Dotan Add Your Heading Text Here Ilan Dotan is our Sunday Showcase! With a keen eye for color and expert drawing techniques, this Israeli painter brings a fresh perspective to daily life. From New York to Tel Aviv, Ilan’s work has captivated audiences and left them in awe of his talent. Ilan Dotan is […]

43. Maria Melititskaya

Maria Melititskaya Add Your Heading Text Here We’re featuring Maria Melititskaya’s poem, “Alone in the forest,” on the Sunday Showcase today! The poem is a hero’s anti-journey of sorts, a cut-to-the-chase modern epic that questions the path home, and the emotional turmoil that leads us there. Maria is a poet and dancer from Moscow, Russia, […]

42. Merav Goldberg

Merav Goldberg Add Your Heading Text Here Merav Goldberg is our Sunday Showcase this week! Her urban photography captures the vibrant character and diversity of Tel Aviv and beyond. From gritty alleys to bustling streets, she showcases it all with skill and creativity. Merav Goldberg is urban photographer and video editor based in Tel Aviv, […]

41. Michelle Malis

Michelle Malis Add Your Heading Text Here Michelle Malis is our Sunday Showcase this week! Her poem “From M” grapples with the complex feelings love brings up — a perfect read before Valentine’s Day.  You can find another poem by Michelle, Line 34, in our second issue.  Michelle is a young poet who moved to […]

40. Igor Mikutski

Igor Mikutski Add Your Heading Text Here Igor Mikutski is our Sunday Showcase this week! Incorporating street vibes and graffiti culture into his works on canvas, Igor Mikutski’s paintings represent a fusion of classical and modern art, mixing oil and acrylic to create bold and intense paintingsץ Igor Mikutski, 28, is a painter from Haifa. […]

39. Amanda Cohen

Amanda Cohen Add Your Heading Text Here Amanda Cohen is an artist and writer, and she is our Sunday Showcase this week! Her poem “Scattered Wings,” rich with imagery, pairs with her painting and brings new dimension to her artistic voice. Her poem explores the contrast between the ephemeral quality of experience and the timeless […]