Evgenia Kirshtein

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Meet Evgenia Kirshtein, our Sunday Showcase! Evgenia is a multi-talented artist who blends sculpting, painting, and concept design to create stunning ceramic vases. Her creativity also extends to the world of illustration, where she shares her talents in Mamaceramics and 1280˚C magazine. With a BFA in Ceramics and Glass Design, Evgenia has showcased her works in exhibitions across the globe. Truly an inspiration for all aspiring artists out there! 

Evgenia Kirshtein is a contemporary ceramics artist, painter, and illustrator. She creates ceramic vases, incorporating various techniques including sculpting, painting, and concept design. She also makes illustrations for her column Mamaceramics and the ceramics art magazine, 1280˚C. Evgenia has exhibited her work in Israel and abroad. She holds a BFA in Ceramics and Glass Design from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.