Igor Mikutski

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Igor Mikutski is our Sunday Showcase this week! Incorporating street vibes and graffiti culture into his works on canvas, Igor Mikutski’s paintings represent a fusion of classical and modern art, mixing oil and acrylic to create bold and intense paintingsץ

Igor Mikutski, 28, is a painter from Haifa. Driven by the graffiti culture that played an integral role in his childhood memories, the transition from the street to the studio and back is a main theme in his work. His paintings intuitively reflect personal and intimate impressions, such as the view from his studio, close friends and family, and objects. Igor uses oil and acrylic paints to build a pictorial language that combines elements of classical figurative painting with graphic elements, borrowed from the worlds of design and street art. He describes his color palette as intense and saturated, with high contrast.