Marco Carrer

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This week’s Sunday Showcase is Marco Carrer. Read through his poem as it explores the heart-wrenching complexities of love and heartbreak.

Marco Carrer was born in Treviso, Italy, in 2000. He started dedicating himself to poetic production while studying in Moscow. Carrer is the recipient of several writing awards, including an honorable mention at the Bologna Writer’s Festival, third place in the international category of the Giovanni Bertacchi prize, and the 2022 contemporary Italian literature prize. He is also Great Squire of the “World Union of Poets” and member of the international movement “Poetas del Mundo.” Marco is currently dancing with the Israel Ballet and his second book, Strano Amore was released in February 2023.

You, my love, bring me sadness

 – Marco Carrer

You, my love, bring me sadness 

but not the one that wets eyes.

You with your melancholy scent

reawaken the poetry 

of my blasphemous dreams.


I, wanderer of the night, seek your embrace,

the grey reverb of the past enfolds

blows on the embers of my disappeared hope.


My dear absinthe flower,

I want to become your best sin 

I want to lance my skin on your thorns

and suck the poison of your limbs.


Oh you beast of carnal craving, 

spirit of perturbing passion,

you restrain me in your prison of attraction 

and you refuse to use this despised guy.


Frightened is the heart of lover

so that it halts in apparent death.

In this death I find myself praying 

and if of God the will is against 

I wish then for the hell fire,

burning on hearth 

for the desperate thirst of you.