Sunday Showcase No. 39 – Gilad Bar Gilad Bar is this week’s Sunday Showcase. East meets West in Gilad Bar’s visually stunning body of work, inspired by the Middle Eas

Sunday Showcase No. 35 – Yaara Oren Yaara Oren is our Sunday Showcase this week! See how she reflects everyday reality through a subjective and internal experience in her pai

Sunday Showcase No. 31 – Roi Kadosh This weeks Sunday showcase is a sci-if inspired prose price by Roi Kadosh You’ll get lost in space with this existential drama! About th

Sunday Showcase No. 24 – Adee Ardon Adee Ardon is our Sunday Showcase this week! Through the use of oil pastels, Adee gives us a glimpse of her life in south Tel Aviv. Vibran

Sunday Showcase No. 22 – Alice Eldar This week on the Sunday Showcase, we’re excited to share Alice Eldar’s short story, “The Procedure.” Her dystopian futuristic tal

Sunday Showcase No. 21 – Cookie Moon Our Sunday Showcase this week is Cookie Moon! Drawing inspiration from the likes of Hockney and Matisse, the Tel Aviv-based illustrator c

Sunday Showcase No. 20 – Sidney Brod This week on the Sunday Showcase, a short story that most of us can relate to: renting an apartment surrounded by deafeningly loud constr

Sunday Showcase No. 18 – Yael Herzog This week, we are thrilled to share Yael Herzog’s poem “August, Tel Aviv.” Yael’s poetry is searing in its imagery. She is delibe

Sunday Showcase No. 16 – Noa Cohen This week on the Sunday Showcase, we’re sharing two poems by Noa Cohen, who is also a contributor in our first issue. Noa’s poe

Sunday Showcase No. 15 – Paul C. We are so excited to share a sample of work by Paul C. on the Sunday Showcase this week! Commonly known as @drawingtelaviv, Paul’s ill

Sunday Showcase No. 09 – Dannah Cahn We are excited to present three poems by Dannah Cahn this week on the Sunday Showcase. Dannah’s striking poetic voice is as ethereal as

Sunday Showcase No. 06 – Ofir Hirsh We are thrilled to present our Sunday Showcase this week, Ofir Hirsh. A self-taught painter, Ofir’s colorful paintings are imbued with a

Sunday Showcase No. 01 – Eliana Atia Our first Sunday Showcase features four stunning photos by Eliana Atia. Each photo, captured from a distance, imbues a sense of modesty i

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