A communal space for writing and visual art to facilitate grief, healing, and creation — together.

Write-Haus is presenting Arts for Humanity, an art and literary series that offers various creative and community-based opportunities during this time of profound grief, trauma, fear, and frustration. This series is dedicated to providing both the generative spaces and evolving homes for art and writing, which we see as essential mainstays of humanity during a period of war and violence. 


At Write-Haus, it is our hope and aim that Arts for Humanity will bring together our global community through a shared mission of creation, collaboration, and healing. As such, we invite all voices and people to submit, participate, and join our community.


At this time, we are presenting our first initiative: Responding to the Now, our new digital issue designed for writers and artists everywhere to submit their creative responses to what they are experiencing NOW against the backdrop of the war in Israel and Gaza. 


We are seeking honest, authentic, and emotional work that reflects what is raw and real to you. No submissions are expected to be perfect, but rather, evolving and fluid – much like the nature of reacting to news, stories, and lived experiences in real time. 


This is an OPEN CALL for submissions with rolling acceptances. The issue will be published and updated on our website once a month. We invite art in any medium and writing across all genres. You can find our submission guidelines here. 


Please keep an eye out for our forthcoming posts about our next initiative: Workshop Windows.


We welcome submissions of visual art, poetry, prose, and fiction that embody the real and raw internal response to what you are experiencing now against the backdrop — or on the frontlines — of the war in Israel and Gaza. For this special issue, we will publish work in any language along with an English translation, as well as translated works and previously published works. There is no deadline, we will accept and publish work on a rolling basis.

We expect to receive artwork and writing as charged and passionate as each individual’s experience and perception of the October 7th massacre and war in Gaza. However, we just want to remind our beloved community — and those new to Write-Haus — that we are a literary and arts magazine. We will select artistic and literary works for publication, not political essays or op-eds.



Join us for an unparalleled exploration of expression as we present a series of dynamic, multi-genre writing workshops. Immerse yourself in a community of passionate writers, where your stories come to life, evolve, and resonate. Our workshops provide a unique platform to craft, share, and refine your narrative, offering a cathartic outlet for the untold stories that lie within.