Created for writers of all levels who want to explore the issues of being, becoming, and belonging. Connect with other writers and develop your craft with confidence.

Being, Becoming and Belonging Poetry Workshop 

Instructor: Tara Zafft


Workshop Dates: January 8th – February 5th  

Workshop Duration: Five weeks, once a week 

Workshop Time: 20:00-22:00

Workshop Location: 9 Megiddo, Tel Aviv 


Workshop Dates: January 9th – February 6th  

Workshop Duration: Five weeks, once a week 

Workshop Time: 20:00-22:00

Workshop Location: 9 Megiddo, Tel Aviv 

Join us for an enlightening five-week journey with Tara Zafft, a seasoned poet and writing instructor, in the “Being, Becoming, and Belonging” workshop series. This unique workshop is designed for writers, poets, and anyone yearning to delve into the core aspects of human rights and personal identity through the art of writing.

In this five-week generative workshop we will explore the issues of being, becoming, and belonging. Each week we will explore how we use elements of craft (form, diction, tone, persona and more) to express these three fundamental aspects of human rights. The first half of the class will be begin with a reflection on the work of poets who have grappled with these questions, followed by some time for free writing and sharing. The second half of the class will be a more traditional workshop with two writers sharing their work and receiving feedback.

Does this sound like YOU?

  • You LOVE writing and you know that you are capable of writing something great! However, you find it hard to write consistently. You find yourself on the hunt for inspiration. Some days you feel more inspired than others but for the most part, your relationship with creativity remains… complicated.
  • You may feel unsure about how to approach profound themes in your writing, or you might be seeking a deeper connection with your creative self and others.
  • Even if you do manage to write, you lack flow, structure and accountability.
  • You feel you are not really part of a creative community and have no one to give you valuable feedback, which keeps you stuck in the same loop of no progress.

Imagine in just a few weeks…

  • You feel lit up by your writing again! Your creative energy is re-ignited, and for the first time in a long time, you look toward writing with excitement rather than stress.
  • You feel a stronger sense of self, a richer understanding of your writing, and a newfound confidence in expressing complex themes.
  • You’re surrounded by a community of writers that share your passion for exploring the human experience through words.

Meet your workshop instructor

Tara Zafft is a poet and writing instructor. She received her BA from UC San Diego and her Ph.D in Russian literature from the University of Bath, UK. She has poems published in the anthology, Rumors Secrets and Lies, Poems about Abortion, Pregnancy and Choice, Write-Haus, and The San Diego Poetry Annual. Tara is interested in the big and small moments that make up our lives, in the search for self and the inevitability of change, and what distinguishes us and what unites us as human beings. She finds her greatest inspiration from her husband and three children and from wandering the streets of Tel Aviv.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Aspiring and experienced writers who wish to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  • Individuals interested in exploring the themes of identity, change, and human connection.
  • Anyone seeking a supportive community to share and refine their writing.


What You’ll Gain:

  • Enhanced Writing Skills: Learn how to use elements of craft such as form, diction, and tone to effectively express deep and meaningful concepts.
  • Deeper Self-Understanding: Through reflections and free writing, embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring your personal narrative in relation to being, becoming, and belonging.
  • Community and Feedback: Engage in traditional workshop settings where you can share your work and receive insightful feedback from a small, intimate group of peers.
  • Inspiration and Learning: Draw inspiration from renowned poets who have tackled these universal themes, and use their work as a springboard for your own creativity.

Limited Spots Available!

With only 6-8 participants, this workshop offers an intimate and focused environment for personal and creative growth.

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