Why support WRITE-HAUS?

Edgar Degas, the famous impressionist painter, said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” This is to say, art cannot be sustained by the individual; it is a constant, inexhaustible and exhilarating conversation. We are here to provide a space to hold and embolden that conversation. 

Over the past year, WRITE-HAUS has become a rapidly growing community of artists and writers residing in Israel. The magazine’s mission is to connect these artists, share and encourage their work, and facilitate learning and inspiration within the community. Because the magazine is published in English, we provide the opportunity for our contributors to gain exposure and connect with audiences all over the world. 

We are committed to supporting our local creators. In addition to our printed issues, in which we publish works of poetry, prose and visual art surrounding a theme, we also share submitted works through the Sunday Showcase online, as well as organize events, including monthly poetry readings and artist talks. Each of these initiatives provide a space and forum for artists and community-members to come together and share their work with one another. 

WRITE-HAUS is run by a group of volunteers who are passionately dedicated to its mission. We know that the magazine has filled a need that was not being met before here in Israel. We believe that in order to strengthen community and culture, we must celebrate both the art and its creators. We must engage in the conversation, and if there is no medium through which to communicate, we must build it. 

With your generosity, we can keep WRITE-HAUS alive and expand our initiatives to reach and support even more talented emerging writers and artists. To all of you who contribute, we are so grateful. Thank you!

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