Sivan Lavie

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This week, we are thrilled to present one poem and three visual artworks by Sivan Lavie.  Sivan’s poetry is packed with imagery and unexpected metaphors, injecting both curiosity and humor into spiritual subject matter. With an emphasis on bright colors and geometric shapes, Sivan’s artwork triggers a nostalgia for childhood, and the pure sense of naivety inherent in it.

SIVAN LAVIE (b. 1992) is a visual artist and poet based in Israel, who grew up in Switzerland and the UK. Sivan is interested in color, abstraction, spirituality, the body, love, the power of words and meditation. She believes we are here to heal and feel the big colorful moving weirdness of the universe. Sivan obtained a BSc in Psychology in the University of Birmingham, an MSc in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, and an MFA in Fine Art in Bezalel Academy of Arts. She has had solo shows in Gepaeckausgabe in Glarus, Switzerland, in Tel Aviv in Magasin III Jaffa Bookstore, The Central Bus Station, The Red House, and in London at Mallord’s Telephone Exchange. She performed poetic lectures and readings at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Gepaeckausgabe, Switzerland, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, The Zimmer, Tel Aviv, and online with Cuneiform Press and Homecooking. She’s self published an affirmation sticker book and a self-help spiritual guide. She’s published poetry in Care Where Zine and Beepy Bella’s Fairytale book. She has an album of readings in collaboration with electronic musician Nicolette Hsu soon to be released.

God sits under my thumb & Waits.

 – Sivan Lavie 

He sits there while the storms come & pass

He sits there, squatting in the shade 

Sitting inside eyes of strangers and

Dreamers and drawers of bathrooms 

God sits under cotton balls 

And in the shadow of big fig trees 

And laughs between the rustling leaves 

God stirs slow, 

Soft porridge in your heart

And moves the peaks of time 

Forever sideways 

Stretching you out like a dough 

Elastic armed monkey that you are 

Standing still

Standing right right here 

Dead center, 

And yet forever and ever expanding 

Into the salt & pepper dance of the universe.