Founded in 2022, WRITE-HAUS is a literary and visual art magazine featuring emerging writers and artists in Israel. In a country with a flourishing arts culture, inspiration is everywhere. But for many creatives at the start of their careers, getting the right eyes on their work is a challenge that transcends talent. In a world dominated by social media algorithms and ‘likes,’ talented writers and artists often find it difficult to crack the code.

We created WRITE-HAUS to change this. As a print and digital publication, we are providing a much-needed platform for talented writers and artists to publish their work, gain exposure, and form meaningful connections. We are building a community that is eager to discover new styles and voices, and support up-and-coming creators as they establish their careers.

The theme of our first issue is “Here, There, Everywhere,” an exploration of place, perspective, identity, and the concept of home.

How does the place you are in now influence how you see the world? How do shifting perspectives and evolving identities challenge your definition of “home”? How do these concepts evoke pain, confusion, complexity, humor, and joy? These are the questions we asked our growing community of writers and artists.

We are thrilled at the diversity of interpretations we received for this issue, and we are blown away at the caliber of talent and originality of the featured writers and artists.

We hope you enjoy reading it.