Sunday Showcase

No. 40 - Amanda R Cohen

Amanda Cohen is an artist and writer, and she is our Sunday Showcase this week! Her poem “Scattered Wings,” rich with imagery, pairs with her painting and brings new dimension to her artistic voice. Her poem explores the contrast between the ephemeral quality of experience and the timeless and vivid nature of memory.

About the artist:

Amanda R Cohen is an artist and writer, living in south Tel Aviv. She won the Dylan Thomas Poetry Award in New York, has an MA in Creative Writing and is currently at work on creative forms that can stand alone – or intertwine with one another: such as painterly picture books and graphic narrative poems. Amanda’s art style has a floating, impressionist quality, where colour and brushstroke are more suggestive than solid, and she often draws on the ancient I Ching for inspiration.


By Amanda R Cohen

Unseen by those who live there now –

yet our imprint remains.

Stamped in yellowed grass, yells echoing in a 

faded pool. 

Passing cloud shapes passing still.

Those endless games of cricket

lime juice on ice, iced beers

meat smoking on the beer-fed fire.

Daisies blazing white around the lemon tree,

encircling us with their acrid heat,

long-winged flying ants spiraled by, wingless 

long before the cool of morning.

The spread-out dogs,

   the dull catch of my grandmother’s amber 

                      ring against my hair.

We lived like it was forever, 

lizards blinking under bright goldskies,

dead still, until one day the world tore open

and we ran, 


Alongside the magazine, Sunday Showcase provides additional opportunities for emerging artists and writers to share their work and gain exposure. There are no themes or deadlines, simply email us your best work for a chance to get featured across all of our channels. We accept writing of any genre and visual art of all mediums.


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