Sunday Showcase

No. 28 - Tal Narkiss

Tal Narkiss is this week’s Sunday Showcase! She brings personal stories and memories alive through the use of textiles. Her graduation project, “Kelim,” inspired by her late grandfather’s antique collection, was honored with the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Prize. 

About the artist:

​Tal Narkiss is a Tel Aviv-based textile artist and recent graduate of Shenkar’s Textile Design program. ​Tal is interested in exploring the potential of textile beyond functional fabrics. She uses complex weaving structures to create 3-D soft sculptures that connect personal stories and memories with innovative textile design. She was recently honored with the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize for her graduation project, “Kelim,” a series of woven vases made from linen, paper yarns, and soil, inspired by her late grandfather’s antique collection.

Alongside the magazine, Sunday Showcase provides additional opportunities for emerging artists and writers to share their work and gain exposure. There are no themes or deadlines, simply email us your best work for a chance to get featured across all of our channels. We accept writing of any genre and visual art of all mediums.


Send submissions to writehausmagazine@gmail.com. Be sure to include:

  • “Sunday Showcase” in the subject line
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