Sunday Showcase

No. 27 - Arielle Sibony

Arielle Sibony is this week’s Sunday Showcase! She creates moving works of abstract art. Arielle shares of her creative process, “What I cannot say, I write. That which I cannot write, I paint.” 

About the artist:

Arielle Sibony is a French-Israeli writer and artist. She emigrated to Israel in 2015 from Paris, where she studied philosophy and literature at La Sorbonne. Her interest in duality and dual identities led her to a Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University, where she began focusing on femininity, the body, its relationship to the mind, and identity, as her primary subject matter. Lost between different languages and identities, Arielle realized that words are not always enough to express herself, and she began engaging in a new medium of expression: art. For Arielle, abstract art is a means of conveying what cannot be conveyed aloud or on paper.

Alongside the magazine, Sunday Showcase provides additional opportunities for emerging artists and writers to share their work and gain exposure. There are no themes or deadlines, simply email us your best work for a chance to get featured across all of our channels. We accept writing of any genre and visual art of all mediums.


Send submissions to writehausmagazine@gmail.com. Be sure to include:

  • “Sunday Showcase” in the subject line
  • Your name
  • Your writing or artwork
  • A short bio
  • A headshot
  • Links to your instagram or website

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