Sunday Showcase

No. 12 - Paul Rozenboim

We are excited to present four graphic designs by Paul Rozenboim on the Sunday Showcase this week. Paul’s work is immersive and energetic. It’s packed with symbolism, color, and humorous commentary on iconic art pieces throughout history. We love his style, as well as his animation, illustration, and typography.

About the artist:

Paul Rozenboim is a visual designer who loves experimenting with different graphic techniques, styles, and media. Paul’s work includes animation and motion graphics, typography, design, and illustration. He has participated in many group exhibitions, Tel Aviv Illustration Week, and Pop Up Museum, among other projects. He has a degree in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy of Arts. Originally from Colombia now based in Israel, Paul works for a high-tech company as a Motion Designer.

Paul Rozenboim

Alongside the magazine, Sunday Showcase provides additional opportunities for emerging artists and writers to share their work and gain exposure. There are no themes or deadlines, simply email us your best work for a chance to get featured across all of our channels. We accept writing of any genre and visual art of all mediums.


Send submissions to writehausmagazine@gmail.com. Be sure to include:

  • “Sunday Showcase” in the subject line
  • Your name
  • Your writing or artwork
  • A short bio
  • A headshot
  • Links to your instagram or website

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