Hila Fleischer

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This week, we are excited to share five paintings by the talented Hila Fleischer. Hila’s colorful abstract landscapes, rendered with large brush strokes and, sometimes, empty pockets of raw canvas, ask each individual viewer to complete the image — to impose the detail. By drawing on the memories or assumptions of each viewer, the experience of viewing Hila’s work becomes a collaborative process.

Hila Fleischer is a fine artist who graduated from the department of fine arts at Bezalel Academy. She lives in Tel Aviv, where she works in her studio. Hila creates contemporary abstract landscape paintings that raise questions about space. Israeli landscapes, along with the influence of strong light on the colorful surroundings, are the inspiration for her paintings’ composition. Hila’s painting style was born from an aspiration to create paintings that would offer the illusion of depth while at the same time also representing the two dimensionality of the flat canvas.