Chloe Prezes

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Chloe Prezes is our Sunday Showcase this week! In her poetry, she explores the depth below the mundane, intimacy of detail and people dynamics.

Aida has exhibited her work in Tel Aviv, Cologne and in New York. She studied Visual Communications in Bezalel Academy and holds an MFA degree in Illustration from FIT, NYC.

Sister Sister

 – Chloe Prezes

Sister sister, 

I look for you in everyone 

I scan the size and shape of 

Each woman I meet

Will she fit the cutout I’ve made

In my mental photograph?

(We are holding hands and making funny faces) 


How I wish you would 

Unfurl your hair and let me lay in it

Kiss my cheeks and then paint them red with clay 

Whisper the horrible things you’ve seen in my ear 

— When did he last dip his fingers in your blood? 

If we link pinky fingers and kiss our thumbs I can keep you safe

We can take turns playing mother


Trace the designs of your heart on my bare back

Draw me the the pattern on left your cheekbone

With one wet finger

So I can flutter my eyelashes on it

I only want to be gentle


I love women instinctually, primally 

The way I love the smell of my own skin after making love 

I am in awe of us from afar 

but terrified of us up close 

We glitter and glint too much

We are too quick, too sly, too peripherally dangerous

Like hungry wolves 

We have shiny faces for our prey


Whose tongue did you last bite?

If this is a kiss I will offer you my forehead

Sister wound, mother wound

I bleed with the moon anyway