Aida Bechar

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Aida Bechar is our Sunday Showcase. Her eclectic style stems from collaging as a means of morphing boundaries and pushing her creativity. Swipe through her fantastic work! Yael Silberberg is our Sunday Showcase this week! Scroll through her stunning digital collection and enjoy the complex and detailed beauty of double-exposed photos.

Aida Bechar is a collage artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Based in Tel Aviv, she was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. As a classically trained artist with old school Turkish art education, she uses collage as a means to free her creativity and step out of her boundaries. Her process is informed by the absurd, happy mistakes and her love of typography. Her illustrations, on the other hand, explore her relationship with Turkish culinary culture from the perspective of a sweet tooth. Aida has exhibited her work in Tel Aviv, Cologne and in New York. She studied Visual Communications in Bezalel Academy and holds an MFA degree in Illustration from FIT, NYC.