Elsa Ers Brosh

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This week’s Sunday Showcase is Elsa Ers Brosh. Her artwork features breathtaking multimedia collages that explore the intersection of gender identity and politics. Spend your morning scrolling through her work! 

Elsa Ers Brosh is a contemporary artist who was born in 1982 in Istanbul. After having completed her education in Parsons School of Design in Paris and Sorbonne IV, she went on to work in Istanbul as a fashion and graphics designer. Taking the rich cultural elements of textile design and its significance for the history of Middle Eastern female artists as a starting point, she went on to produce paintings and collages deeply intertwined with gender identity/politics and what it means to be human and female in this geography. She currently resides in Yafo with her family, where she is nourished by the multiculturalism and the constant chaos while exploring multiple media.