Tiferet Frumkin

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‘Snowflakes,’ a poem by Tiferet Frumkin, is this week’s Sunday Showcase. In this thought-provoking poem, Tiferet explores the frozen moments of life and delves into the complexities of emotions and the struggles we face.

Tiferet Frumkin is a 23-year-old poet from Ma’ale Adummim Currently, she is in her second year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she studies General and Comparative Literature. Tiferet grew up in a mixed household – her father is from Russia and her mother is from the United States – which has instilled in her a love of literature and words in all languages. In addition to writing, her interests include music, traveling, and tasting food from all over.


 – Tiferet Frumkin

Snowflakes can freeze time, you know, 

Much in the way that death does. 

To unfreeze time, all you have to do is wait till it rains. 

But with time frozen, the rain never comes. 

At that point, all you can do is make time tell the truth. 

Like why does it keep slipping away? 

You can’t lay an egg and expect it to hatch, you know. 

You have to love it. 

Once you’ve built a treehouse you’ll have shelter from the rain, 

But no one will come visit anymore. 

No one will be there to cook you dinner. 

Why did you banish the rain? 

Once a day, 

The small silver bells will announce the arrival of pages from your favorite book. 

Eat them — they will sustain you, 

Just as well as your broken dreams do. 

Just make sure not to breathe fire, because you know what they say about burning books. 

When the sadness comes, put it in your pocket and go back to sleep. 

It’ll be there tomorrow too.

When you wake up, fill a missile with silence and send it to all the people you can’t talk to anymore. 

If you could teach the world how to write a poem, you wouldn’t. 

Because then you’d find out that everyone is better than you.