Marwan Kamal

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This week, we are blessing your feed with a stunning poem by Marwan Kamal! Every line in his poem, “This Morning,” is so ephemeral yet so full of feeling and imagery.

Marwan Kamal is a poet from Daliat El-Carmel. His writing explores themes of nature and melancholy, stories and dreams, the multifarious definition of the self, the strains of daily life and facing them with virtue, attachment to words, and the challenges of communication. His poems attempt to experiment with different styles inspired by different poets, still linked by evocative imagery, intertextuality, and a personal tone, writing mostly on his way to work and on the night rides home. Marwan’s interests include art history, film, music, stoicism, biographies, traveling, dogs, running, and sleeping.

This Morning

 – Marwan Kamal

Checkerboard fields.

Half decomposed, half me.

This morning has wings,


And a slow sunrise.


Checkerboard towers.

This city maybe

Remembers me.

I will take from you

More than you take from me

Leaving me something

More than a half.


Checkerboard beauty.

A passage of selected works

Oil on carcass.

This morning has a cup,

Potpourri soldiers,

Avocado sandwiches.

Checkerboard air.

The sun hangs in my throat

Like tiny dancers.

Intentions pomengrated

All over my thoughts.


Checkerboard hours,

You are wonderful

With your numbers

And your wings,

Unfurling moments

And it’s already dark.